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finishing touches

If you are in need of new furniture and decor following a remodel or upon moving into a new residence, and seek to furnish three or more spaces with ease, this service is an ideal solution. By utilizing this service, the process of approving each item will lead to a seamless installation day, effectively eliminating the need for personally managing product orders or budgetary considerations.


the process


initial consultation
meet with the client to understand their requirements, preferences, and budget for furnishing their home. discuss the desired aesthetic, functionality, and any specific requirements for each space.


space assessment
Conduct a thorough assessment of the home to understand the layout, dimensions, architectural features, and natural light. take accurate measurements and photographs of the spaces to be furnished.


design proposal
create a comprehensive design proposal that includes mood boards, furniture and decor selections, color schemes, and layout plans for each space. Present the proposal to the client for review and feedback


product sourcing and procurement
once the design proposal is approved, proceed to source and procure the selected furniture, decor, and accessories. ensure that all products adhere to the client's budget and quality standards.


order management
manage the ordering process, track deliveries, and ensure that all products are received in good condition and within the specified timelines. Coordinate with vendors and suppliers to address any discrepancies or delays.


installation coordination
coordinate the scheduling of installation services with a professional team. ensure that all furnishings and decor are delivered and installed according to the approved design plan.


final styling and finishing touches
complete the furnishing process by adding final styling elements, such as accessories, artwork, and decorative accents, to enhance the overall look and feel of each space.




client presentation and approval
present the fully furnished spaces to the client for a final walkthrough and approval. address any client concerns or requests for adjustments and ensure complete client satisfaction.


project completion
upon obtaining client approval, finalize the project by providing any relevant documentation, warranties, and maintenance guidelines for the furnished items. conduct a post-installation follow-up to ensure that the client's expectations have been met.

contact us

we'd love to know about your project! please share details about your vision and requirements. your input will help us understand your style, preferences, and the scope of your project so that we can tailor our design approach to fit your needs perfectly. we look forward to collaborating with you to create a space that reflects your personality and aspirations.


thank you for sharing your ideas with us!

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