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let's book a 1:1 call
and discover your style


enhance your home with our design knowledge and expertise 

design your dream space with phone-accessible interior design help.

are you seeking to create a visually captivating space that embodies your "je ne sais quoi"? or perhaps you feel overwhelmed with your current design concept and long for guidance to make it truly exceptional.

our interior design help over the phone provides you with an opportunity to explore your design ideas, overcome challenges, and ultimately develop a comprehensive plan to bring your vision to life. based around video consultations, during which we can offer guidance, support and advice to those who have some idea of what home-related questions they want to get answered, and are happy to ‘do the work’ themselves. 

what we can
help with 

  • art curation

  • furniture and home decor selection and placement

  • floor plan layout

  • stores and brands to consider

  • styling (surfaces, sofas, beds, walls etc.)

  • paint/wall treatments and drapery/window treatments

  • cabinetry and built-ins

  • fixtures, finishes and trims

  • construction and remodel ideas

  • exterior design

  • career advice for aspiring designers

  • guidance / second opinion for professional designers

how it works

step 1: book your call

once you've booked your design call, we'll send you an email with a request for some information beforehand. this will help us prepare for our chat and make sure we get the most out of our time together.


step 2: show us the project 

bring everything you have collected, pinned, purchased, and designed to the meeting, and prepare to discuss your ideas and the spaces you have in mind.


step 3: let's talk!

following our call, we will deliver an email that captures the essence of everything we discussed. we will also equip you with a set of inspiring ideas to help you take your next steps with confidence

  • Available Online

    let's design your space!

    1 hr

    120 US dollars
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